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The starting point of this painting are words, quotes made with a marker and ballpoint pen.
But they had to be hidden, concealed, buried because they are so meaningful to the artist Christine Barone, without being readable by everyone, like a secret garden.
Indian ink in successive layers cast a first veil over it.
It was still not enough, we had to put some distance. Texture was the solution.
Candle wax, texture medium, paper and gauze then appeared.

The words are there, very present, but protected by a matrix which can be a prison as well as a protection.

  • Dimensions


  • Technique used

    Mixed media: acrylic, marker, ballpoint style, texture medium, candle wax, paper, Indian ink, gauze

  • Year


  • Support

    Canvas mounted on wooden frame (recycled painting)

  • Signature

    Front + back + signed certificate of authenticity

  • Fixing included


€320.00 Regular Price
€125.00Sale Price
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