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The initial impulse for this painting was the representation of our interior and exterior but this time treated by overlapping strata in order to give the sensation of a lead screed placed and stifling our interior world.
The artist Christine Barone intended to do the lower part of the painting with liquid and random paint, as in "Exteriorized Interior", but a discovery in the workshop turned this project upside down: Betadine.
She had experimented with this unusual medium in her creations in the past but here she wanted to use it like paint.
It took many coats and even more hours of drying to achieve the red/orange colors of Betadine that fascinate her so much.
The central gray and black strata are worked in relief with texture (texture medium, wood, sand) to create an opposition, a break with the other parts of the work, to create this screed.
Just above are the artist's own hair, soaked in paint, which finalizes the "strata" part.

This painting evokes a recurring theme in his works: our place in the world, our inner world facing the outside world.
In the end, will we let the outside world extinguish and crush our inner fire or will we manage to crack the leaden screed that weighs on us?

  • Dimensions


  • Technique used

    Mixed media: acrylic, Betadine, hair, sand, texture medium, wood, gouache

  • Year


  • Support

    Canvas mounted on wooden frame

  • Signature

    Front + back + signed certificate of authenticity

  • Fixing included


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