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The shape of our failures

The shape of our failures



This work, all in relief, was composed from elements recovered from failed canvases. For example, the central cluster comes from “Elevation” from which Christine Barone scraped off all the paint before starting from scratch and the cracks from “Equilibre”. Encouraging the idea of not denying our failures but of turning them into successes, she kept these different elements in order to transcend them.
Gathered together on the canvas and covered in black as when one tries to erase them, Christine Barone enhanced them by giving them a golden patina.

  • Dimensions


  • Technic

    Mixed media: acrylic, candle wax, artist's hair, texture medium, pigment, charcoal, Indian ink, sand

  • Year


  • Support

    Canvas mounted on wooden frame

  • Signature

    Front + back + signed certificate of authenticity

  • Fixing included


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