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oeuvre d'art contemporaine Perpétue le rite ronds reliés perles techniques mixtes christine barone marseille

Perpetuate the rite

"Go beyond. Outside of the norm, of the expected, of the rules. To not lock ourselves away. On the contrary. Take a deep breath. Expand. Be. With everything that makes us up, no matter how complex they may be. -they.
Worlds. Interiors. To be valued. Perpetually. To rise.
So: perpetuate the rite."

  • Dimensions

    Total dimension: around 165x60cm

  • Technic

    acrylic, spray can, thread, beads, metal, plastic, cardboard, glue, glitter, marker

  • Year


  • Signature

    Front + back + signed certificate of authenticity

  • Support

    Wood panel

  • Fixing included


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