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oeuvre d'art contemporaine écris-moi rond hors cadre broderie art abstrait artiste christine barone marseille

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"Go beyond. Outside of the norm, of the expected, of the rules. To not lock ourselves away. On the contrary. Take a deep breath. Expand. Be. With everything that makes us up, no matter how complex they may be. -they."


The work "Ecris-moi" by the artist Christine Barone is at the crossroads of 3 series: "Hors Cadre" by the bias of extracting oneself precisely from the frame, "Text" and "Intuitives" by the words, the embroidered phrases.
In the context of our digital society where speed is king, this work puts the written word, the words sent (by adding elements from the world of postal letters), time (by embroidery) and thereby the value of things and intentions (symbolized by this multitude of pearls).

  • Dimensions

    Total dimension: 56x31cm

  • Technique used

    Thread, beads, ink, paper, wax, plastic, fabric

  • Year


  • Signature

    Back + signed certificate of authenticity

  • Support

    Wooden embroidery tambour on wood panel

  • Fixing included


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