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tableau contemporain l'emportera collage texte lettres typographie christine barone

Will prevail

At the crossroads of the “Texts” and “Collage” series, here is the work “L’Emprera”:


“When words, letters become graphic support.
When the interlacings, illegible, transcend the expected.
When their intentions, their senses irrigate the work.
Visibility of the letters and invisibility of the signifier which resonate with our senses.

But here we anchor the graphics, the intertwining of letters and words, in reality.
Through the gesture, the paint, the textures and the ink that stains the fingers."


Each word is worked by Christine Barone with a specific typography and/or computer layout in order to visually support its meaning. Printed, they are then glued to the canvas and once again reworked with various techniques to further amplify their meaning.

  • Dimensions


  • Technique used

    acrylic, paper collage, marker, ink, ballpoint pen

  • Year


  • Signature

    Front + back + signed certificate of authenticity

  • Support

    Canvas mounted on wooden frame

  • Fixing included


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