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The first work in a series which seeks to express the anxieties, the questions, the doubts, the beginnings of answers in our relationship to the world.
This expresses anxiety, aggressiveness and inextricable immobility. The evanescent feathers are frozen in wax, as if oiled; VHS tapes are violently stapled together in a frenzied manner with a din like detonations; the nails and needles are stuck in the material, ready to sink deeper or prevent any approach; all color is annihilated by black, this darkness which covers everything except golden flashes. Decoys or resurgences?

Collage is a liberating medium for the artist Christine Barone, when she wishes to express sensations, inner and violent feelings; when words and figurative forms are no longer sufficient, when they confine and reduce one's intuition.
Freed from concepts, preconceived images and all judgment, the material, mixed with color, becomes cathartic expression.

  • Dimensions


  • Technic

    Mixed media: acrylic, wax, feathers, gauze, staples, nails, pins, newspaper, glue, sand, VHS tape

  • Year


  • Support

    Wood panel

  • Signature

    On the back + signed certificate of authenticity

  • Fixing included


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