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tableau abstrait Quand le ciel s'efface rose fluo argenté gouttes novateur artiste christine barone bouches du rhone

When the sky fades

"Go beyond. Outside of the norm, of the expected, of the rules. To not lock ourselves away. On the contrary. Take a deep breath. Expand. Be. With everything that makes us up, however complex they may be. -they.

Here, a movement between emptiness and fullness. Who rises. Against a current. Inner wealth. And despite the difficulty: beauty."


Artist Christine Barone has developed an innovative technique to bring to life her obsession with water, with flowing rain. Material in frozen relief, we would nevertheless believe that these drops which stretch outside the frame will end up falling, transforming these paintings into wall sculptures.

  • Dimensions


  • Technique used

    Spray can, glue

  • Year


  • Signature

    Front + back + signed certificate of authenticity

  • Support

    Canvas mounted on wooden frame

  • Fixing included


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